Saturday, 21 April 2012

Neuropsychological Controversies

We're going to have a session on controversies in neuropsychology at our CCN conference this year - it's intended to give students and recent graduates who are immersed in contemporary neuropsychological literature the chance to talk about any contentious issues or important new information that they've identified (see for conference details).

So I was delighted to find this online publication this morning - with an issue titled Controversies in Neuropsychology

There's some wonderful reading there, for the neuropsychologist looking for something different from the usual peer-reviewed articles. I really enjoyed Lloyd Cripe's thoughtful article on the biases operating in the practice of medicolegal neuropsychology; and I'm looking forward to reading Paul Lees-Haley and David Fox on why forensic neuropsychology is controversial (some good recommendations in their final section); Graeme Senior and Lucille Douglas on the MMPI-2, Michael Martelli and colleagues on rehabilitation neuropsychology; D. Corydon Hammond on Neurofeedback; and Scott Howard's account of neuropsychology from the perspective of someone studying clinical psychology after a severe brain injury.

If you look through the other issues of Brain Injury Professional, there are some wonderful offerings. I'll save my next post for the issue on sexuality after brain injury.

PS my apologies for blog silence this year, my father passed away at 87 after a long struggle with normal pressure hydrocephalus, and while I haven't stopped reading, sharing has just taken a little more effort than before.

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