Saturday, 28 July 2012

Imagining the future: Neuropsychology 3.0

I found this amazing article in my office the other day - and had the time to read it on the plane. It maps out some potential directions for neuropsychology, and give links to some resources that will probably consume many happy hours of our time.

You can see the free full-text article here.
- or paste this into your browser if the link above doesn't work:

The net is giving us unprecedented ability to share and develop resources - this could see us develop national norms for neuropsychological data, and help us to improve our practices and knowledge more rapidly than before.

An article worth reading a few times. Thanks, Bob Bilder!


  1. I can't see any reference or link to the article you least on my iPad. Cold you repost or email info to me @

    Warm regards...Kevin McGrew

  2. Hi Kevin
    Thanks for letting me know - I did this at the airport on my iPad yesterday, and didn't check it properly. The link works for me from my work PC now.
    Happy reading!