Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lobbying for neuropsychology funding

I was invited to write an article about neuropsychology and dementia funding for Hospitals and Aged Care Magazine a couple of months ago. The article is viewable here:

Why dementia funding must include neuropsychological assessments.

I hope that those of you with more sophisticated publication track records, and high standards for neuropsychological articles, will forgive the casual, non-scholarly tone, and that you'll share it with people to help argue for why people with brain disorders need better access to publicly funded neuropsychological services in Australia. It's possible to "like" the article on Facebook, and to share it on LinkedIn and other networks.

We neuropsychologists need to think about how we can educate the media about the plight of our patients, and that we can get a groundswell behind us... to provide access to medically necessary neuropsychological   assessment, diagnostic, and intervention services.

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